Gun Deaths in New Mexico

A large majority of gun deaths in New Mexico are from suicide. Gun deaths cut across all races, however rates are highest among whites, due to their higher rate of gun suicide. Suicides account for nearly 75% of gun deaths in New Mexico. All data from the CDC’s WISQARS database.

All Gun Deaths in NM by Race, 2011-2013


Men make up the vast majority of deaths from guns, nationally and in NM.

All Gun Deaths in NM by Gender, 2011-2013


This next chart shows suicides by race. Whites have the highest rates and numbers of gun suicides.

Gun Suicides in NM by Race, 2011-2013


While young people are killed at a slightly higher rate in New Mexico, more total deaths occur in the older population.

Gun Deaths in NM by Age, 2011-2013

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