More Links For Story On Inmate Deaths

This week, we covered a string of deaths at the San Juan County jail. Here are some additional stories and sources on the topic of medical care behind bars.

From the Farmington Daily Times:

Law Firm Asks DOJ To Investigate Complaints At San Juan County Jail

Jail, Hospital Deny Claims That San Juan County Detention Center Inmates Received Negligent Health Care

18 Inmates Sue San Juan County Jail Claiming Negligent Medical Care

Mother Sues Jail Claiming Son Died From Negligent Medical Care

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Three Deaths At Detention Center

Pew Charitable Trusts

State Prison Health Care Spending


Health Care Can Be Key To A Better Life For Former Inmates

National Institute Of Health

The Health And Health Care Of U.S. Prisoners: Results Of A Nationwide Survey

Columbia Human Rights Law Reveiw

A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual: Chapter 26—Infectious Diseases

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