Salud Y Sabor Chef Showdown

Thursday night, KUNM’s Public Health New Mexico project teamed up with the The Street Food Institute, National Hispanic Cultural Center and the Agri-Cultura Network to spotlight healthy eating with local ingredients and pull in some donated food items for The Storehouse food pantry. Three chefs and their sous chefs (all current or former students of The Street Food Institute) competed in a timed cooking competition, Iron Chef-style, making use of one of three possible mystery ingredients: Marshamallow Mateys, peanut butter or uncooked pinto beans.

Carrie Eagle of Farm & Table emerged victorious, turning the peanut butter into a sauce for pork tenderloin.

(This reporter can vouch that it was a good night to be a judge, because all of the food created in those 45 minutes was delicious.)

Click on any of the photos below for a full-screen, slideshow view.

Huge thanks to:

Carrie Eagle of Farm & Table

Jonathan Perno of Los Poblanos

David Swan of Swan Kitchen

Emcee Eric Griego

Donate to The Storehouse HERE.

—Photos and words by Marisa Demarco / KUNM

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