Explore Where Dollar Stores Are Located In New Mexico

  •  Rashad Mahmood
  •  Thursday, April 8, 2016

This map shows where dollar stores are located across New Mexico. Click here for an interactive map where it is possible to add other information, such as where grocery stores are located, and looking at background information about a place including poverty rates, obesity, employment, and racial/ethnic data.

In order to access these different layers, click the link for the interactive map, and then select the content icon in the left sidebar, and click the checkboxes for which layers you would like to view. It is easiest to look at the income and demographic data one layer at a time.

Marisa Demarco’s story on potentially hazardous products being sold at dollar stores is here.

Interactive map:

The platform this map was created with was made available to KUMM courtesy of the New Mexico Community Data Collaborative.

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